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Ber (BUILDING Energy Rating)

A BER gives an objective scale of comparison for the energy demand and energy performance of a building and is similar to the' A to G' rating for electrical appliances. A-rated homes are the most energy efficient and G the least efficient.

Services include:

BER Certificate

A BER is required for all new dwellings from July 1st 2008 and all existing dwellings from 1st January 2009. It is valid for a period of 10 years unless there is a material change to the building, for example an extension to the building or change in heating system.

A BER makes the energy performance of a home visible to prospective buyers and tenants and enables them to take energy performance into consideration in their next house purchase or rental decision.

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BER Advisory Reports

Advisory reports for dwellings surveyed indicating what changes can be made to improve your BER will be issued. The Advisory Report may include recommendations of
Increased Insulation in the walls, attic or floors.

  • Fitting energy efficient windows or doors.
  • Replacing an old boiler with a more efficient condensing boiler.
  • Installing heating time and temperature controls.
  • Installation of renewable energy systems.
  • Insulating hot water cylinder and pipe work.
  • Installation of draught lobby.
  • Installation of Energy efficient lighting.
  • Increased insulation in the walls, attic or floors

The advisory report is a key component in the BER system and implementation of these recommendations will improve the Energy Rating of the dwelling and reduce your running costs.



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