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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging surveys, using infra-red images, can identify where heat is being lost from buildings and heat distribution systems. It can also be used to identify faults in other areas including electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. Removing unnecessary heat loss can significantly reduce energy costs.

A thermal image makes it simpler to see where insulation is missing or air is leaking in or out of the building.

Why use Thermal Imaging?

Poor or inadequate insulation, moisture, building envelope leaks, and substandard work are costly to residential and commercial building owners. A Thermal Imaging camera can help you quickly see where energy efficiency can be improved.

This is invaluable in building investigations of all sorts in order to evaluate insulation effectiveness, quality of workmanship, thermal bridging and identifying the presence of cold spots which can give rise to condensation problems.

Thermal Imaging also provides an effective method to identify unintentional air leakage pathways in a building envelope, particularly when used in conjunction with building pressurisation / depressurisation testing



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